Civil Discord's "I wanna wish you Merry Christmas" releases with rave reviews!

Civil Discord release their Christmas single, I wanna wish you Merry Christmas, to rave reviews. Here are some of the comments:


Great song!  Really like the video with the retro footage look :)  

Happy Merry Christmas!!  Great song!!  I love this song very much!!  

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song… and thank you for the mention!  You guys are awesome!  

Omg I loooooooove it!!! Sounds awesome!!! Love the song!  


That was great! And full of Christmas cheer!  

I love this!  Merry Christmas!  

That was so good, Merry Christmas to you too!  

You made my day…Merry Christmas! Sounds great…awesome lead.  

Sounds good my brother!  

Sounds really good, best holiday wishes to you.  

So awesome!! Everyone here at work digs it!  

Congrats and good tunes!  

That's really cool! Awesome!! This song has been stuck in my head for a week!!! Love it!  

Outstanding… we will share!  

Love the video!! Perfectly compliments the song!  

Love the song!  

Well done, nice mix and everything.  

Holy shit…that Christmas song was amazing!  Push that song like crazy because that can easily go viral!  

OMG.  This is just amazing… I love the graphics.  Great job.   

I'll pass this along to Helen Leicht, who plays local Christmas music on her show, and Robert Drake, who hosts The Night Before Christmas eve broadcast on XPN.